YouLikeHits account with 5000 points for just $1 !!!

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I will provide you a new YouLikeHits account with 5000+ points. (Instant accounts available)

Note: 50,00 points in ONE account. You can order multiple accounts.

With 5000 points you can get more than 200 youtube subscribers with 200 youtube likes and 100 comments at the SAME TIME ! Or 500+ subscribers or likes or comments alone !
If you set your point rate to 5 on YouLikeHits, you can get double of all the above combined!

Its better than buying a youtube service, as generally it will cost you more than 10$ for all the above combined !

You can also spend the points to get the same result on following social networks :-
-> Twitter (Get Followers, Tweets, Likes, Retweets)
-> Soundcloud (Get Followers, Plays, Likes, Reposts)
-> Pinterest (Get Followers, Repins, Likes)
-> Google Plus (Get Circles, Shares)
-> VK (Get Page Follows, Group Joins)

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